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On Regret

The feeling of regret, that sunken place of wallow & pain, is of the most disastrously hindering energy to your growth. Most people have regrets & it is a question if people are more chained to their past regrets than they are to their ambitions of growth. Holding on to any past failures will never serve you well in any capacity.

To cling to & continue to focus on the pain of the past may slowly be killing you or at the least, your growth. To hold on to the pain of mistakes made, decisions declined, or opportunities oppressed, this pattern of thought will bind you to more of it. Be aware of the pain you feel; to recognize where the pain stems from & find out how to rid it from your life.

There are those who try to use regret & past failures advantageously, trying to let it push them through some false sense of motivation towards some current ambition they may have. Be sure of this:

-Holding on to Regret can only pull you back, never push you forward.

To live in such anguish, forcing yourself to relive daily the mistakes of old, is to ensure that you confine yourself to more of the same. You create a self-made prison in which you are bound to the greyness of the walls, trying in vain to push against the cold concrete, only succeeding in being constantly tired & embolden the vision of your failures.

There is no value, no prowess in fighting against circumstance. This mindset can only create more of the same & creates a jealous, anxious, vile, & ugly life. The constant battling ruins our natural grace & artistic being.

For those that are simply hanging on to the painful memories & feelings of regret without even fighting, you are still persisting in those circumstances & will just as assuredly create more of the same; you will create more regrets, not correct past mistakes. It may seem as though we can learn from them, & in portion we can, but only if we turn from focusing on the past & instead create a better, brighter, more directed vision for our life.

The pain, once regret is realized, should only linger for a moment. There must be something learned in every situation, good or bad, but we must then map a proper course towards that which we deem worth of our time. To long for the opportunity to redo, to go back & change a scenario is destined to persist in pain, to toil in torment. The situation can never be undine, it can no longer be altered. Release the feeling of regret from your being & you will be able to grow, to right wrongs by creating new success.

In this release is Liberation. In vanquishing the pain and creating a new direction, their is comfort, there is assurance that you can move on. In holding, clinging to the past, there is only turmoil & failure. Release yourself. Liberate yourself & be free.


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