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The Truth About Money

Money can be the maker or destroyer of man. It is a tool used to be heavenly empires or hellish decay. But it is only to the degree that we let the idea grow, the method in which we act with money, that it exists.

The reality, while at the same time just as beautiful as it is ugly, is that we create wealth in accordance to our thoughts of it. Similarly, money does not ultimately make the man, rather his predominant thoughts and actions have led him to such a point in which he is able to earn money. If you wish to make money, recognize that it will always be directly correlated with the value given.

Trivial jobs, those that do not require much background, while they certainly have their place, should only ever be regarded as a necessary step towards the next job, the next step in building wealth. Such jobs are not paid well because the worker can so easily and readily be replaced.  If you want to earn more money, create value. Be such an intricate part of your workplace that you cannot be let go or paid poorly. Create a means of production and function that is so important that if you left, the company would falter. Or, create your own business and product that people need and want.

If you want to have more money without earning it, play the lottery.

The truth about money is harsh, yet Liberating, if you learn how to use it. Wealth can only happen through a persistent and consistent effort towards a task, never through a lack of effort or character.

It is important to note, that character is so closely related to a person’s monetary status, that it can directly show their habitual thought towards it. This truth should never be used against someone, but kept quite within yourself to remind you of the reality of money.

Those that have money see its abundance and freedom and righty live with money as they see their money. Those that live in lack, in poor circumstances, know only poverty and see money as a constant struggle. They do not see money as an extension of their own production.

It can typically be seen in those without, that upon seeing someone with massive wealth, they immediately assume that they have wronged someone to obtain it or simply been lucky. In truth, wealthy people will always be able to effect more good upon the world than any poor person can. So even for those who chastise money and wish to ‘live within their means’, recognize that if you wish to do good upon the world, you have the opportunity to do far more with your last million dollars that you give away to hose less fortunate than you do with our last dollar.

For those that think of money correlating with pure luck, understand that luck is a fallacy: There is no such thing as luck. Those that have happened upon what seems like quick and sudden money or just so much that it seems unrealistic, see if they have created it through some means. A cruel truth that can clearly be seen is what that person does with the money soon after the obtain it. Especially for those ‘lucky’ ones whose parents have given them abundance to start, look at what they have done with it. If they have created more, which is usually the case, recognize that they obviously have an abundant mindset that they were able to use. For those that were given without previously having an abundant vision, look at how fast they lose it, or what constant turmoil their life actually is in.

The truth about money is that it is only an extension of what you do, not some mystical object that is hard to find. Do not limit yourself by merely ‘ living within your means’, rather, choose to change your means. Choose to build and create, choose to work and produce. In this way, you can build greater wealth than even currently you see as possible.


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