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Why America Is & Was – Part 1


Why you must separate yourself from society to be truly Liberated.


Such a curious state, when you have the intention of Liberating yourself, the idea of creating the best possible version of who you are, that you feel so disconnected with society. Amongst the masses, even in previous times of what is now realized as a false enlightenment, there was no growth. If there was any growth at all, it did not last. It was only ever enough to bring forth arrogance and an insecure base of principles. It was always a foundation that crumbled to bits as quickly as it was built. Nothing built in the mental side, being ingulfed by a societal standard, was ever fully implemented.

Anything built on the basis of a societal structure and standard will fall. The strength, the true strength, is amassed by individuals going after their own desires, never by the mob mentality that confines and limits the behavior and organizational patterns of the individual. Anything that is designed from a societal formation is at best grey, fuzzy, unclear and un-purposed. True growth comes from within, from creating yourself, not being molded by the masses.

The Next Great Generation must come from this place: a place of True Liberation. Not one so dulled and trodden by the multitude of ‘realistics’, those people who only deem possible by what has already been achieved. No, it is in, and always will be, the growth of the individual that ultimately determines the course of our life, the course of our existence as humans.

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