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Why America Is & Was – Part 2

The very idea of why America was created was to have true freedom. It was to act and be as you deem fit, not what someone else allows you to. Liberating ourselves from tyrants, from mob rule was such an important concept that we spilt blood for it. But it seems as if the more we lose awareness, the more we are controlled by the masses. 

-How many people are pulled by the fear of not fitting in?

-How many allow others to dictate their lives, whether consciously or unconsciously?

-How many live my impulsive reactions rather than by controlled, calculated thought?

 We can blame advertisements and big corporations for manipulating us into consumerism. Yet, in reality, all they have done is given us what we have asked for. If we didn’t want it and buy into it, they wouldn’t make it.

 At what point did we lose sight of what America stands for, of why it came to be? At what point did we lose that keen ability to do as we desire, not what we are told to desire? It must have begun around the time that life became easier. That we become less dependent on survival traits and found comfort in the mundane, in knowing what tomorrow will bring. But after years of such behavior, it has enslaved us to knowing the pain and mundane of tomorrow, the comfort of being let off from a job, only to dread going back.

We have accepted this as the way it is supposed to be. Why? Why do we feel that this is the only way it can be? Is it because taking responsibility and taking action is seen as more painful than the comforts of knowing what tomorrow brings, even if it is still pain? Is it that we have become so acclimated with doing the bare minimum, with doing just enough to get by so that we may have some form of consistency in our life?

 If America is to grow, if we as a nation decide to last and stand for what is right, we must take responsibility, we must take action. We must accept being uncomfortable in the light if becoming aware. To sit idle as we have for so many years is to ensure our demise. If we wish to grow, we must recognize the necessary but short tern pain of change, less we accept the lifelong dull agony of being led like sheep. Working jobs we don’t want, mindlessly buying goods we don’t need, toiling in meaningless entertainment just to escape a life that isn’t ours, is no way to live. We must push, we must demand from ourselves the best of character, of our nature as humans to persist and evolve.


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