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Why Is Patience A Virtue?

Patience is an absolute necessity of man, especially a modern man. Certainly, man has always needed some form of patience, especially when in terms of hunting. But, as we’ve evolved from our dependency on nature and survival, we’ve coalesced into the necessity for personal growth and creation. With such structure, the invariable need to be calm, to be able to control our emotions becomes magnified.
To not be able to control ourselves is to ruin any grace or permanent growth we can hope to create. Our power is ultimately in our ability to be patient. It is not just in the waiting, but in the restraint towards a hindersome action.
When creating, patience is infallibly the only way in which we may allow our ideas to come into fruition. If we are not patient, we will never see our creations of the mind exist in the world. However, to wait as one who understands that a calm demeanor can create far more than those who are always quick to abandon faith, to erupt in anger at unsightly situations, is to have true power over your domain.
But this power mist first come from within. It must be trained as a muscle. Much of our tolerance comes from our Guardians, our Parents, those who we saw and embodied from a young age. There must first be an awareness as to whether or not we are patient or impatient.
On the outset, it is generally known by oneself whether they are actually patient, but still in the same general sense, it is usually viewed through social interactions and the daily mundane, rather than in goal setting and seeing a vision through to its creation. It is typically seen in cases of unkindly interactions or inconvenient occurrences such as traffic.
In terms of creation, of creating an image in your mind and seeing it through to its materialization; this is patience. The masses, even with the knowledge of The Great Law, will mire their creation by impatience, accepting their idea as unachievable, as The Law faulty, as the world unfair. All such notions are untrue and have no base other than justification for the weak for what is really a lack of patience.
If we wish to have patience, if we wish to create and live in a world created of our own order, we must learn to exercise our patience. For those trying times in which a situation readily heats us in anger, we must recognize our loss of equipoise. We must breath and regain control of ourselves and therefore regain control of the situation. In this way, we allow ourselves to create, to continue to create: To evolve, to continue to evolve.

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