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Why Is Mankind Not Advancing?

Why Is Mankind Not Advancing?


Even with the technology we have, why aren’t we advancing further and faster?


            The world is literally at our fingertips. All the knowledge in the world is at our disposal with just a couple clicks. Yet, why do we, on the whole, remain stagnant? The answer comes from a place of modern man being spoiled.

            Gone are the days in which we work to survive. Surely, wars wage on, plagues persist, famine furthers. But, for the most part, the issues only effect small parts of the world. Especially in America, we have no real issues, say for political unrest and misguided notions of when to help celebrities like Kailee Jenner. Where our downfall has come from, is from the lack of a threat of downfall.

            We have become numb to the realization that as humans, we are behaving with such woeful inadequacies that we will one day look back on this period of humanity with disgust. What use to drive us, that burning desire to endure and survive, to solve problems, to create, is so few and far between that when we see those few that work passionately and righteously, we see them on the fringe of society, unattached and seemingly in a different world. But it is these people, as it always has been, that will push even in the face of harsh backlash and criticism, until the fruits of their efforts are materialized, their names written in lights, immortalized.

            But for the masses, so blind to their potential, so distracted from reality, they yearn to be entertained. They hunger for the next show, the next event, the next day when they can wake p and scroll through hours of content on social media, a never ending borage of likes and sexualized, glamorized people, disingenuously living their lives through a fabricated lense. It is not the inherent sexuality that should be questioned, rather, why do we feel the need to be constantly entertained?

            At what point do we cease existing and transform into mindless zombies (if we haven’t already), starving for more media? At what point do we stop questioning why CEOs and Entrepreneurs have created so much wealth, lashing out at them as if they must have stolen from someone else to get their money? At what point do we realize that the unfortunate idols in our society, the entertainers, the celebrities, athletes, musicians, actors, social media stars, are doing just the same as the CEOs, have amassed far more riches, yet contributed strikingly less?  

            What do entertainers actually do for a society, for the advance of mankind? What are they producing that is shaping the world into a higher, more powerful plan? The issue is not with entertainers themselves; in reality, they are there because we have asked them. We have asked for them to live and act in such ways so as to dilute our day to day, to distract from our current reality.


            Is it because our very existence, one that has become so entrenched in the mundane, so monotonously void of meaning, that we must live vicariously through entertainers? Could it be that our designed behavior of survivalist instincts, of pushing to be more and have more have finally faltered because we no longer have any real worries? Have we become less human because of our advancement that we have lost our drive to advance further?

            It is far easier to shirk responsibility and let someone else dictate our path. It is painful, so painful, to set a course for ourselves, to create our own destiny and live by our own creation. It is a far simpler life to focus on the shiny entertainers, than to recognize that your fate is your own: That most people will live and die just as unseen as a leaf in a forest.

            Only those few, who wake up from this daze, who bring themselves into a deafening state of awareness, will truly ever live. The inevitably of pain will persist, the necessity to further yourself from the masses, form a dull and uninspired society, from family that is regrettably entrenched in the desire for distraction. In time, the pain will subside and what will come from such anguish can blossom into those who form the Next Great Generation. Should we choose to advance, to push boundaries, to find new frontiers, to solve problems, we must recognize our weakness, our need for distraction, our loss of purpose.  

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