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The Shore of Success

Stop living a lie. Stop saying that one day everything will be better, richer, different. You know its not. You know it could be. But you wont wake up. Its so much easier to allow yourself to live with hope of a miracle, a fantastical thread of pictures that maybe one day it’ll be different. You dont know what it means, you just hope it happens. Give in to it then. Give in to the hope, give in to your lie. Forget the truth. You know what the truth is: That you could make it happen. That you could lift yourself out of the hole of confusion and disallusionment. That you could actually do something with your life. But you wont. So give up. Stay asleep. Let the noise of distraction and entertainment wash over you and take you far from this place. Far from the shore of success, from discomfort and pain of living by your own terms, the pain of responsibility. Its not easy. Its simple, sure. But no, its not easy. And it seems like its not for you. So leave now. Lose yourself into the abiss of not having to think, not having to create. Let others create for you. Live in their world. Accept their terms, accpet their rules. Hush now, go back to sleep.

Or, wake up. Wake up and think. Wake up and work.

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