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The Gods Of Our Society


The world does not test you. The universe does not try to strengthen you through hardship. God does not see if you can keep the faith, nor does God care. Such ideas are created and perpetuated by the weak, by those too unaware or who wish to remain ignorant so as not to have to face reality, to face the responsibility that their thoughts and actions have congruently created their hardships.

Immortal is the man who can bear the brunt of brutal pain inflicted by the strong arms of reality and responsibility; the man who can accept the truth of the origination of what we consider ‘obstacles’, who chooses to take control. A God amongst men: The person that chooses to think and take the time to learn to control his or her own thought.

For those who do not choose to take control, to take account for their own life, for the Normals, to the masses; are you any better than a basic animalistic desire of persisting purely for the sake of pleasure? Is your life no more meaningful than the entertainment you get lost in, than the mundane job you find yourself merely trading time for money? If you take the job away, in turn taking your ability and privilege to lose yourself in entertainment, why do you wake up? What is your purpose for being?

There is a reason why so many remain mortal, clutching to their life of distraction, breathing so they may remain comatose. They, the Normals, the mortals, the masses passes the buck of responsibility, accepting their fate, their livelihood to be built, determined, and constructed by someone else. They accept, even welcoming to be ruled by the “Gods,” bound and encapsulated by their every immortal movement. They pray to them every Sunday for four hours, watching the Gods tackle each other. They tune in with religious consistency to watch their magical dialogue, the lavish lives of the “Gods” being recorded and promoted so as we may bow to their prowess, so as we may pay tribute by buying their immortal merchandise. The masses kneel before them every night, losing sleep to study what they did that day in the heaven of social media. Every movement is heralded as other-worldly, living vicariously through them.

The reality of the mortals is that their existence becomes so defined by their relativity to the “Gods, making sure they’re keeping up with the Kardashians and the latest farce in the mainstream news, so flushed with fabrications. They live to forget. They live in the false pretense that the “Gods” have the divinity of Talent or Luck. Such ideas have no place, structure, or density to them; they can never prove that they have some special ability. They can simply live their stagnant lives and judge from afar and ponder what it must be like to be so blessed.

The reality of the “Gods” is that Talent isn’t real. They are able to live in such high regard, so separated from Society because they learned, consciously or unconsciously, how to direct their thought. Their divinity is in reality simply a proper application of visualizing, of creating a goal and taking actions towards it. Of living and being and acting in the way that they would if they were successful. Consequently, they became so. The masses never see the big come-up, the journey and painful process of growth. They do not see the lowly status that they once held, or maybe they choose not to. To recognize their beginnings, the truth that they were once Normals, is to accept that they could be a God. It is far easier to live a lie than it is to persist in truth.

Should one recognize their ability to create, should one take control of their life and direct it towards that which they choose, they will find, quickly, painfully, that the world is not a place of confusion and torment, rather, a clay substance for which anything and everything is molded; the beautiful and horrid.

Accept the pain of responsibility. Recognize the reality that you have created everything in your life. Choose to take control of your thoughts and you will leave the herd of mortals and will transcend into that highest light of being a God amongst men.

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