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The False Prophet and The Real Student


Why I Began Acting and Not Just Studying

At a certain point, I had to stop studying others and had to be myself f because I realized that the more I studied others, the more inundated I would become, believing that I had to do as they did. The problem was that I was trying to be a student but they weren’t trying to be a teacher. Such an inharmonious relationship directly and only my fault. What I recognized at a certain point was that I was able to look up to those people and see them in a different realm than myself, not because they had more talent than me: Talent isn’t real.

It wasn’t even that they had more ability than me, for you learn at a certain point that everything that they knew came from the passing of time rather than a specific system of gammy ability. No, at a certain point I realized that the only thing separating us was the passing of time, but more importantly, they had stopped looking for some secret, some shortcut to success and had just started acting as if; they began working and acting like the people they wanted to be and very quickly, they became that.

What I became aware of, was not they knew more than me but that they took more action than me. What’s important to note is that they took directive action, among at a specific point, and eventually becoming that by continuously thinking and acting in that aim. It was in this way and only in this way, that people become successful. It is not because they know something that others do not, for all answers came to them as they took action towards their goal. What made them successful, ultimately and completely was the action without knowledge of the ‘How”, not knowing ‘How” and then having a direct path to attainment. 

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The Theory of Idle Joy



Why works such as ‘The Secret’ cannot stand the test of time.


The fault of modern practices is that it has become so spiritual, so existential and convoluted, that by and large people have missed the Science of the Great Law. It is just and exact, it does not care how much you pray or ‘believe’ in it. There is a natural order and function, just as Gravity does not care whether you believe in it or not, it is working constantly and completely.


But the underlying issue with Modern ‘Teachers’ is that they have become obsessed with this idea of ‘Joy’. So transfixed has the field become with this idea that the predominant literature is ‘The Secret’; a book, as so many do, that advocate to sit and wait until some divine inspiration comes. That advocates for less physical labor, if any at all, and that through quiet meditation and clarity of thought, all will come to you.


Man did not evolve to be quiet or sit idle.


Man was forged from the deafening sounds of action and tireless work, directed by the thought and threat of survival. If man is to evolve further, to become more mentally and truly change his world, we must not abide by the misinterpretations of the Modern Teachers’ Theories. Theories is used quite deliberately here to emphasize both the gross misuse of the Great Law and the ills of thinking that ‘Joy’ is the only aim of man: It is a Theory that man should only think of Joy.


The Theory of Idle Joy is one that should be cast aside, the same way in which coffee grounds are discarded. While they may had their time and served their purpose, the Next Great Generation will take what came from it and evolve. The only time we will sit idle is to drink coffee so as we may be invigorated to push further.           


‘The Secret’ and others have done what so many in the modern field have done, a snake oil salesman selling Aspirin saying it is the cure of all ails.


While it may dull the pain, the problem ultimately persists. For a time they may feel better and they may even manifest a few small ideas, but become so entrenched in the studies of the Modern Teachers that they get lost, either by giving up completely, or going down a spiritual path in which their greatest achievement becomes ‘Acceptance’ and tolerating their circumstances through an obsessive addiction to being in a meditative trance, just enough to dull the pain, to go comatose long enough to forget and focus on the high of ‘Joy’.


But let’s not be coy: These ‘Gurus’, these dealers know exactly what they’re doing. You’ll buy it, tantalized by how high it promises to get you; you’ll get hooked on it, you’ll always be seeking the high of the mystical Joy you felt the first time you read it. You’ll feel like you’ve got it figured out, like you have discovered some secret. Yet after a time, the magic fades and what you are left with are the withdrawals of confusion, distain, and the incessant need for the next hit of Joy. You’ll notice how they always have more theories, more ways for you to get high in learning some new modality, curious enough, it is always in some form of ‘doing less is more’. That by this different way of being, you will attract more. They will prescribe that you’ve been ‘trying too hard’ and not ‘letting the universe flow through you’.


What a bunch of shit.


Wolf Empire’s teachings are based on principles, on an idea that man did not come this far to remain stagnant. It is based on the simplicity of a Science that has been woefully underutilized and misused. That the mind is the most powerful, creative tool on earth, just as it is the most destructive. That man’s power is in his ability to think and therefore create. But we do not adhere to the ills of the Modern Teachers, of minds with the yearning temptation to create but still yet to break the chains of Society, of conformity, of groveling thoughts that desire for things already created.


Wolf Empire’s aim is to evolve humanity: Each members purpose being to create the unimaginable, the impossible, to make the unseen seen.


Our purpose is not granted by a God or some divinity of the Universe, but by the individuals desire to solve problems, by those who choose to run headfirst into the dark abyss of discomfort to then be seen on the beautiful island of success and liberation. We believe and know that freedom comes first from Liberating yourself from the masses by thinking that creation and success should be the purpose of man, less he be no more evolved than an animal existing only to survive. That man has reached the height of human evolution physically, therefore, we must evolve mentally. Through the lost art of thinking, through deliberately creating, through acting and working with such strong, powerful action and faith in expectation of our creation, that there is nothing man cannot achieve.

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Why Is Patience A Virtue?

Patience is an absolute necessity of man, especially a modern man. Certainly, man has always needed some form of patience, especially when in terms of hunting. But, as we’ve evolved from our dependency on nature and survival, we’ve coalesced into the necessity for personal growth and creation. With such structure, the invariable need to be calm, to be able to control our emotions becomes magnified.
To not be able to control ourselves is to ruin any grace or permanent growth we can hope to create. Our power is ultimately in our ability to be patient. It is not just in the waiting, but in the restraint towards a hindersome action.
When creating, patience is infallibly the only way in which we may allow our ideas to come into fruition. If we are not patient, we will never see our creations of the mind exist in the world. However, to wait as one who understands that a calm demeanor can create far more than those who are always quick to abandon faith, to erupt in anger at unsightly situations, is to have true power over your domain.
But this power mist first come from within. It must be trained as a muscle. Much of our tolerance comes from our Guardians, our Parents, those who we saw and embodied from a young age. There must first be an awareness as to whether or not we are patient or impatient.
On the outset, it is generally known by oneself whether they are actually patient, but still in the same general sense, it is usually viewed through social interactions and the daily mundane, rather than in goal setting and seeing a vision through to its creation. It is typically seen in cases of unkindly interactions or inconvenient occurrences such as traffic.
In terms of creation, of creating an image in your mind and seeing it through to its materialization; this is patience. The masses, even with the knowledge of The Great Law, will mire their creation by impatience, accepting their idea as unachievable, as The Law faulty, as the world unfair. All such notions are untrue and have no base other than justification for the weak for what is really a lack of patience.
If we wish to have patience, if we wish to create and live in a world created of our own order, we must learn to exercise our patience. For those trying times in which a situation readily heats us in anger, we must recognize our loss of equipoise. We must breath and regain control of ourselves and therefore regain control of the situation. In this way, we allow ourselves to create, to continue to create: To evolve, to continue to evolve.

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On Regret

The feeling of regret, that sunken place of wallow & pain, is of the most disastrously hindering energy to your growth. Most people have regrets & it is a question if people are more chained to their past regrets than they are to their ambitions of growth. Holding on to any past failures will never serve you well in any capacity.

To cling to & continue to focus on the pain of the past may slowly be killing you or at the least, your growth. To hold on to the pain of mistakes made, decisions declined, or opportunities oppressed, this pattern of thought will bind you to more of it. Be aware of the pain you feel; to recognize where the pain stems from & find out how to rid it from your life.

There are those who try to use regret & past failures advantageously, trying to let it push them through some false sense of motivation towards some current ambition they may have. Be sure of this:

-Holding on to Regret can only pull you back, never push you forward.

To live in such anguish, forcing yourself to relive daily the mistakes of old, is to ensure that you confine yourself to more of the same. You create a self-made prison in which you are bound to the greyness of the walls, trying in vain to push against the cold concrete, only succeeding in being constantly tired & embolden the vision of your failures.

There is no value, no prowess in fighting against circumstance. This mindset can only create more of the same & creates a jealous, anxious, vile, & ugly life. The constant battling ruins our natural grace & artistic being.

For those that are simply hanging on to the painful memories & feelings of regret without even fighting, you are still persisting in those circumstances & will just as assuredly create more of the same; you will create more regrets, not correct past mistakes. It may seem as though we can learn from them, & in portion we can, but only if we turn from focusing on the past & instead create a better, brighter, more directed vision for our life.

The pain, once regret is realized, should only linger for a moment. There must be something learned in every situation, good or bad, but we must then map a proper course towards that which we deem worth of our time. To long for the opportunity to redo, to go back & change a scenario is destined to persist in pain, to toil in torment. The situation can never be undine, it can no longer be altered. Release the feeling of regret from your being & you will be able to grow, to right wrongs by creating new success.

In this release is Liberation. In vanquishing the pain and creating a new direction, their is comfort, there is assurance that you can move on. In holding, clinging to the past, there is only turmoil & failure. Release yourself. Liberate yourself & be free.