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What makes Wolf Empire Coaching Different?

The Industry of Personal Development has become so convoluted, so muddled and misguided that the masses brush off the notion that they might need help, guidance, direction, maybe just a kick in the ass. So many ‘Gurus’ sell a worthless package, always giving enough to keep an interest, but never enough to lose them and let them grow on their own. Certainly, that may be good business practice but its is absolutely detrimental to the benefit of the client.

Wolf Empire is shaking the game up; between the quality of our content, being real, raw, not sugar coating anything to mislead our clients that this is some form of mysticism, rather, we teach an exact process that when followed leaves nothing to chance ensuring the clients success. Our goal is not to simply motivated for a moment, only to be forgotten once the scent of our truth is gone. The typical model of Life Coaching is to hype them up but just enough that they feel inspired to work more with them. They are the aspirin that dulls the pain of reality but never creates a solution to the actual problem.  

Further, it is never our aim to keep a client. There is no exact timeline for each client as each person is different, has different goals, and starts with a different level of awareness. But if one of our clients has worked with us for more than three months and their life has not drastically changed, if they have yet to create real, tangible success and still lacks clarity of what the process is to achieve anything, then we have failed. This has not happened, nor will it ever happen. Our aim is never to keep a client, it is to show them the exact process for creation of any kind and teach them everything they will need to know to continue on after they are no longer working with us.

There is a process for success, just as there is in learning anything. We do not teach one piece without giving another, tantalizing you that if you sign up for more, then and only then might you find success. From the first session, yes even the first free session, our work is able to propel you to levels of success heretofore unseen. Most go through their lives aloof as to how creation happens, believing that they are at effect to the world around them: That things simply happen and they have no real control over it. This theory is wrong and can and should be easily disproven by the small effort of simply thinking. To have awareness, to have the knowledge of why you have created what you have, be it success or failure, is to be one of the very few in our Society who lives life by their terms, who lives life the way they want.

Wolf Empire Coaching is the first in a saturated field to be able to impact those lost souls, seeking answers in what seems like a cruel world, as well as those that are at the top of their field who are seeking to create success never before seen. It is for those who have lived a life of abject failure and lack as well as those that have lived in abundance, never having to consider how life works because it has simply worked for them.

Wolf Empire Coaching is for those seeking to change, to grow, to create. It is for the few, it is for the masses. Specifically, it is for those that are ready to see a different world. It is for the Next Great Generation that drastically changes the course of human history. Wolf Empire Coaching is the natural occurrence of growth in Society, one that will lead to the evolution of mankind.

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The False Prophet and The Real Student


Why I Began Acting and Not Just Studying

At a certain point, I had to stop studying others and had to be myself f because I realized that the more I studied others, the more inundated I would become, believing that I had to do as they did. The problem was that I was trying to be a student but they weren’t trying to be a teacher. Such an inharmonious relationship directly and only my fault. What I recognized at a certain point was that I was able to look up to those people and see them in a different realm than myself, not because they had more talent than me: Talent isn’t real.

It wasn’t even that they had more ability than me, for you learn at a certain point that everything that they knew came from the passing of time rather than a specific system of gammy ability. No, at a certain point I realized that the only thing separating us was the passing of time, but more importantly, they had stopped looking for some secret, some shortcut to success and had just started acting as if; they began working and acting like the people they wanted to be and very quickly, they became that.

What I became aware of, was not they knew more than me but that they took more action than me. What’s important to note is that they took directive action, among at a specific point, and eventually becoming that by continuously thinking and acting in that aim. It was in this way and only in this way, that people become successful. It is not because they know something that others do not, for all answers came to them as they took action towards their goal. What made them successful, ultimately and completely was the action without knowledge of the ‘How”, not knowing ‘How” and then having a direct path to attainment. 

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The Shore of Success

Stop living a lie. Stop saying that one day everything will be better, richer, different. You know its not. You know it could be. But you wont wake up. Its so much easier to allow yourself to live with hope of a miracle, a fantastical thread of pictures that maybe one day it’ll be different. You dont know what it means, you just hope it happens. Give in to it then. Give in to the hope, give in to your lie. Forget the truth. You know what the truth is: That you could make it happen. That you could lift yourself out of the hole of confusion and disallusionment. That you could actually do something with your life. But you wont. So give up. Stay asleep. Let the noise of distraction and entertainment wash over you and take you far from this place. Far from the shore of success, from discomfort and pain of living by your own terms, the pain of responsibility. Its not easy. Its simple, sure. But no, its not easy. And it seems like its not for you. So leave now. Lose yourself into the abiss of not having to think, not having to create. Let others create for you. Live in their world. Accept their terms, accpet their rules. Hush now, go back to sleep.

Or, wake up. Wake up and think. Wake up and work.

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A Tale of Two Wolves

IMG_1589An old Cherokee told his grandson, “My son, there is a battle between two wolves inside us all. One is Evil; It is anger, jealousy, greed, resentment, inferiority, lies, and ego. The other is Good; it is joy, peace, love, hope, humility, kindness, empathy, and truth. The boy thought about it and asked, “Grandfather, which wolf wins?” The old man quietly replied, “The one you feed.”