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The False Prophet and The Real Student


Why I Began Acting and Not Just Studying

At a certain point, I had to stop studying others and had to be myself f because I realized that the more I studied others, the more inundated I would become, believing that I had to do as they did. The problem was that I was trying to be a student but they weren’t trying to be a teacher. Such an inharmonious relationship directly and only my fault. What I recognized at a certain point was that I was able to look up to those people and see them in a different realm than myself, not because they had more talent than me: Talent isn’t real.

It wasn’t even that they had more ability than me, for you learn at a certain point that everything that they knew came from the passing of time rather than a specific system of gammy ability. No, at a certain point I realized that the only thing separating us was the passing of time, but more importantly, they had stopped looking for some secret, some shortcut to success and had just started acting as if; they began working and acting like the people they wanted to be and very quickly, they became that.

What I became aware of, was not they knew more than me but that they took more action than me. What’s important to note is that they took directive action, among at a specific point, and eventually becoming that by continuously thinking and acting in that aim. It was in this way and only in this way, that people become successful. It is not because they know something that others do not, for all answers came to them as they took action towards their goal. What made them successful, ultimately and completely was the action without knowledge of the ‘How”, not knowing ‘How” and then having a direct path to attainment.